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Derm News Thursday, April 8

Broad and Informative

Tanning Bed Hygiene -New York Times

FDA Warns Spas About Fat-Reducing Drugs -Wall Street Journal

Study to Determine Efficacy of SPF 30 Plus Suncreens -Top News United States

Doctor: Moderate Exposure To Sun Has Vitamin D Benefit -WCVB-TV

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Farm pesticides linked to skin cancer -The Ecologist

Herpes Vaccine Entering Phase 3 Testing For Advanced Melanoma -Inventorspot


Derm Report Monday, March 29

Broad and Informative

Tanning beds face new taxes and restrictions -USA Today

Heat on Tanning Beds: Feds Mull New Rules -CBS News

Things to Know About Vitamin D -Medfinds

ABCDEs of Melanoma -SkinInc.com

The 10 Commandments for Youthful Looking Skin -Elle

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Immune Cells Predict Post-Transplant Skin Cancer -Renal and Urology News

Derm News Thursday, March 11

Broad and Informative…

Running ‘Loosens’ Your Skin? – Runner’s World

A constant gum-chewing habit may cause wrinkles – NY Daily News

Frequently asked questions about Vitamin D – Chicago Tribune

Tips for Finding the Right Acne Treatment – American Health and Beauty

Good Skin Care Essential for the Treatment of Rosacea – Emax Health

Tanning beds should be regulated – New Haven Register

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Cell Transplant May Help Treat Vitiligo – BusinessWeek

Oculus skin and wound gel gets FDA approval – Reuters

Derm News Tuesday, March 9

Broad and Informative

New Treatments and Good Skin Care Helping Patients Control Acne and Rosacea – Science Daily

Vitamin D deficiency may be the most common medical problem in the world – Boston Univeristy

New treatments emerge for acne and rosacea – Pediatric Supersite

Tanning beds pose a threat to the unsuspecting young – Delaware Online

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Actinic Keratosis Skin Condition Can Lead to Cancer – EmpowHER

Melanoma risk higher in Parkinson’s patients – Reuters

Treating Psoriasis When Enbrel Fails – WebMD

American Academy of Dermatology Association (AADA) disappointed in Congress – Earth Times

Derm News Monday, March 8

Broad and Informative

2-year-old Girl Treats Crippling Skin Disease with Tanning Bed -FOX News

Chemical in Furniture Linked to Skin Rashes -WebMD

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AAD: Topical Agent Clears Actinic Keratoses -Med Page Today

Adjuvant Alfa Interferon Modestly Effective in High-risk Melanoma -Cancer Consultants

Dermatologic Conditions Faced by Skin of Color Population Unique, but Treatable -Med India

FDA Okays First Skin-Injection Immunodeficiency Treatment -Med Page Today

Heavy Dosage of Vitamin D Might Help Ward Off Skin Cancer -Top News United States

Link Between Vitamin D And Skin Cancer -Medical News Today

Severe Acne Responds to Combo Therapy -Med Page Today