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Derm News Wednesday, February 16

Will Young Doctors Recognize Melanoma? -FOX News

How Cuts Can Spur Tumor Growth -U.S. News & World Report

AAD: Vitamin D May Protect Against Some Melanomas -Skin and Allergy News Digital Network

American Academy of Dermatology’s Newest Psoriasis Guidelines Stress Importance of Individualized Treatment Plans -PR Newswire


Derm News Wednesday, February 9

Skin Cancer on the Rise -Web MD

Pollution May Aggravate Skin Damage From Sun -Web MD

Does Chocolate Make Acne Worse? -Web MD

Serial Screening Program Detects Nodular Melanomas -Internal Medicine News Digital Network

Low Sun Exposure, Vitamin D Levels May Be Tied to MS Risk -Business Week

Opps and Apps — Targeted Therapy for Melanoma -Med Page Today

Derm News Wednesday, October 20

Balancing the Risks: Skin Cancer Patients Are Deficient in Vitamin D -TIME

Low Vitamin D Levels for Skin Cancer Patients -Web MD

Lower Income, Education Can Hamper Skin Cancer Care -U.S. News & World Report

Watch out for lime juice or you could get ‘Mexican beer dermatitis’ -Orlando Sentinel

Watch the lime juice when drinking Corona: skin doc -Reuters

Men Can Benefit From A Little More Skin Care -NY1

Four New Psoriasis ‘Hotspots’ Identified By U-M Geneticists -PR Newswire

Reportlinker Adds Triple Analysis: Melanoma, Pancreatic Cancer and Angiogenesis -PR Newswire

Derm News Wednesday, September 29

Electronic health record rules pose problems for some dermatologists -Modern Medicine

Vitamin D and Kids: What Dermatologists Should Know -Skin and Allergy News

5-Year-Old Girl Constantly Sheds Skin Due to Rare Genetic Disorder -AOL Health

Derm News Wednesday, July 28

Sunscreen Concerns Unfounded, Experts Say -MSN Health & Fitness

What Do You Lack? Probably Vitamin D -New York Times

Sun a risk for blacks, Hispanics, too -Chicago Sun-Times

Toddler With Rare Syndrome Wears ‘Second Skin’, Allowing Her to Play -FOX News

The 9 Aging Habits to Avoid -American Health and Beauty

Melanoma Most Deadly Form Of Skin Cancer -KDKA