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Derm News Friday, August 6

Total Body Tan is a Total Myth, Study FindsFOX News

*An article about how skin in different areas of our body respond differently to UV rays

Research Shows Oral and Topical Agents Hold Promise in Preventing UV-Induced Skin Cancer -PR Newswire

Skin Cancer: An Unwelcome Summer SouvenirBook of Odds

Treating Asian Skin Requires a Delicate Balance Between Clearing the Condition, Preserving Pigmentation -PR Newswire

PGA Tour Golfer Scott McCarron Partners With Solta Medical to Raise Awareness of Proper Sun Protection PR Newswire

Melanoma foundation to host golf outingCincinnati.com

Former Men’s Tennis Chant Andy Caress Loses Cancer Battle Coastal Carolina Official Athletic Website


Derm News Monday, June 28

Dermatitis Linked to Cancer Risk: Is Medicine the Culprit? -CBS News

What are skin tags and can I remove them myself? -CNN

Top 10 Anti-Aging Products Every Man Should Own -FOX News

Depending on Sunscreens in Summers May Be Wrong -Top News United States

‘Natural’ sunscreen: Better for you? -Los Angeles Times

Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists Offers New eMatrix™ Treatment for Acne Scarring -PR Web

Derm News Friday, June 11

How to safely get a tattoo removed -CNN

Healthy Skin: How to Feed Your Complexion -Elle

Prepping the Skin for Summer Waxing -Wall Street Journal

Ipilimumab and melanoma: Rejoicing, disappointment, and threat -Cancer Network

Melanoma cancer deaths up by third -The Press Association

Melanoma Treatment Can Be Drawn From Gene Mutation -Top News United States

Derm News Monday, May 24

Broad and Informative

Simple Dietary Changes Can Make Your Skin Glow -Health News

Sunscreens, Sunlight and Skin Cancer -News Provider

Block UV Rays With A Skin Healthy Diet -NY1

Mercury Found in Skin Creams -Los Angeles Times

Skin Cancer Officially Considered an Epidemic in the United States -Health News Digest

The Unofficial Arrival of Summer Could Spell Trouble for your Skin! -Newswise

Dermatologic Use of Retinoid Drugs Not Linked to Increased Fracture Risk -Medscape

Take a Swing at Skin Cancer Prevention -Los Angeles

Skimping on Sunscreen Can Ruin Summer Fun -Health News Digest

Vitamins For Acne, Does Poor Diet Cause Bad Acne Breakouts? -Official Wire

African Americans at Risk for Hair Loss -PR Web

For Those Who Want ore Details…

Actinic Keratosis -Los Angeles Times

Two early-stage Glaxo drugs show melanoma promise -Reuters

Derm Report Monday, May 17

Broad and Informative

Save Your Skin from Melanoma -Los Angeles Times

Noted Drs. Offer Summer Skin Care Tips -WXYZ

For Those Who Want More Details…

New Study Drugs Give Melanoma Patients Hope -KSAT San Antonio

Scientists Find Way for 3D Diagnosis of Skin Cancer -Fars News Agency