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Derm News Friday, March 4

Annual skin cancer tour kicks off -Modern Medicine

Group Calls for Tanning Salon Ban for Teens -Web MD

Health Tip: Avoid Poison Ivy -U.S. News & World Report

New Clue to Controlling Skin Regeneration – As Well as Skin Cancer -PR Newswire

Hereditary Angioedema: The Unsuspected Diagnosis Dermatology News Special Edition -PR Newswire

Phil Mickelson Campaigns for Psoriatic Arthritis -ABC News


Derm News Monday, February 21

Frostnip, Frostbite Can Take the Fun Out of Winter -U.S. News & World Report

Psoriasis Guidelines Call for Tailored Treatment -Web MD

Hey, Baldy: 10 Things You Need to Know about Hair LossCBS News

HealthWatch: Surgery-Less Skin Cancer Detection -CBS News New York

AAD: Study Finds Melanoma Underreported to Cancer Registries -Skin and Allergy News Digital Network

Dr. Sandra Lee helps women have more beautiful skin -PRLog.org

Derm News Wednesday, February 9

Skin Cancer on the Rise -Web MD

Pollution May Aggravate Skin Damage From Sun -Web MD

Does Chocolate Make Acne Worse? -Web MD

Serial Screening Program Detects Nodular Melanomas -Internal Medicine News Digital Network

Low Sun Exposure, Vitamin D Levels May Be Tied to MS Risk -Business Week

Opps and Apps — Targeted Therapy for Melanoma -Med Page Today

Derm News Monday, February 7

Dermatologists Come Back, Give Back to New Orleans -Newswise

Pesky Rashes From Plants -Web MD

Dermatologists Warn That Plants Can Cause a Garden Variety of Pesky Skin Problems -PR Newswire

Athletes Prone to a Rash of Skin Conditions -PR Newswire

Red, White and Brown: Defining Characteristics of Common Birthmarks Will Determine Type and Timing of Treatment -PR Newswire

Data Show Incidence of Skin Cancer Rising at Alarming Rate -PR Newswire

Now an iPhone That Can Detect Skin Cancer -Top News United States

AAD: Search Continues for Optimal Melasma Treatment -Internal Medicine News Digital Network

Derm News Monday, January 31

Skin Abnormalities: Separating Harmless From Harmful -SkinInc

Garden Weed Extract to Cure Skin Cancer Patients -Top News United States

Doctor’s Approach Tan Skin Now, Deadly Skin Later: Melanoma Rates Increasing in Younger People -PRLog.org

Research and Markets: The Melanoma Therapeutics Market Is Estimated to Grow at a CAGR of 16.8% for the Next Eight Years to Reach $1,420m by 2017 -Business Wire

SmartShield Sunscreen partners with PGA player Rory Sabbatini -World Golf

Doctors Find Conventional Methods Better To Treat Skin Cancers -Top News United States

Health Tip: Skin Disorders Affecting the Elderly -U.S. News & World Report