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Derm News Thursday, February 25

Broad and Informative

What Your Hair Says About Your Health -Web MD

Laser Skin Resurfacing: Benefits, Side Effects, and Average Cost -Web MD

Feds Want To Strengthen Tanning Laws -WSIL-TV

NSAIDs Protect Against Skin Cancer? -Press TV

Vitiligo: Ignoring What Is Painfully Obvious -New York Times

For Those Who Want More Details…

NSAIDs Don’t Protect Against Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Study -Curetoday.com

Dermatology Study Identifies Genetic Key In Treatment Of Female Hair Loss -Medical News Today


Derm News Monday, February 22

Broad and Informative

Daily Dose: Accutane Update -Woman’s Day (blog)

How to Help Your Child with Baby Eczema Skin Problems -I-Newswire

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NSAID Exposure Not Linked to Cutaneous Small-Cell Carcinoma Risk -Medscape

ThermaSkin Offers Free Natural Pepper Remedy To Acne Sufferers -PR Web

Derm News Wednesday, February 17

Broad and Informative

Botox May Reduce ‘Eye-Popping’ Migraines -Newsday

Top 10 Healthy Skincare & Beauty Habits -Trans World News

Phone App Developing for Early Melanoma Detection -eWeek

Younger-Looking Skin, Without Breaking The Bank -North American Press Syndicate

For Those Who Want More Details…

Aspirin Offers No Protection Against Skin Cancer -Times of India

NSAIDs Not Found to Affect Skin Cancer Risk Kaiser Permanente Study Indicates -Modern Medicine

Recent Trends in Systemic Psoriasis Treatment Costs -Archives of Dermatology

Speckled Lentiginous Nevi: No Longer One Single Disorder -Archives of Dermatology

Derm News Tuesday, February 16

Broad and Informative

Botox May Prevent Some Migraines -Business Week

Health Tip: Understanding Frostbite -Business Week

Health Column: Love the Skin You’re In, Especially In the Cold -Retriever

For Those Who Want More Details…

NSAIDs Won’t Shield Against Skin Cancer -Business Week

Derm News Thursday, January 7

Broad and Informative

Medical Report: Dry Skin -WDIO TV

2009 Reader’s Choice Awards – Top 5 Facial and Skin Procedures -American Health and Beauty

Rachael Ray Discusses Muffin Tops, Crows Feet and Sun Spots -American Health and Beauty

Stop Winter From Weathering Your Skin -FOX2Now.com

Widely Available Anti-Inflammatory Drug Might Prevent Skin Cancer -Top News United States

Winter Skin Solutions -33KDAF-TV

For Those Who Want More Info…

Common NSAID Could Prevent Skin Cancer -Ivanhoe

BioVex Announces Broadened Inclusion Criteria in Phase 3 Melanoma Study -Business Wire

Extended Interferon Not Found Beneficial in Melanoma -Modern Medicine

Heat and Light Devices Might Be Off Target to Wipe Out Acne -The Ledger

Pruritic Symptoms Linked to Psychological Stress -Modern Medicine