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Derm News Friday, August 13

Dermatologist: Managing textured hair -UPI.com

Protecting And Perfecting Your Skin -North American Press Syndicate

Health Buzz: Stem Cells Key to Treating Deadly Skin Disease -U.S. News & World Report


Derm News Friday, March 26

Broad and Informative

The Truth About Tattoos -WebMD

Laser Tattoo Removal -WebMD

Nickel Allergy -WebMD

Precancerous Skin Lesions and Skin Cancer Slide Show -WebMD

What Your Hair and Scalp Say About Your Health -WebMD

Melanoma: It can happen to anyone -Estherville Daily News

For Those Who Want More Info…

Melanoma Research Foundation’s Statement on FDA Regulation of Tanning Beds PRLog.org

Derm News Thursday, February 25

Broad and Informative

What Your Hair Says About Your Health -Web MD

Laser Skin Resurfacing: Benefits, Side Effects, and Average Cost -Web MD

Feds Want To Strengthen Tanning Laws -WSIL-TV

NSAIDs Protect Against Skin Cancer? -Press TV

Vitiligo: Ignoring What Is Painfully Obvious -New York Times

For Those Who Want More Details…

NSAIDs Don’t Protect Against Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Study -Curetoday.com

Dermatology Study Identifies Genetic Key In Treatment Of Female Hair Loss -Medical News Today

Derm News Wednesday, January 27

Does Your Hair Make You Look Old? -WebMD

Hand Sanitizers Good for H1N1, Bad for Skin Health -Bloomington Pantagraph

Kids Get Skin Infections From Toilet Seat -Times of India

Skin Docs Want Teen Tan Bed Ban -The Spokesman Review

Varicose and Spider Veins -WebMD

Derm News Thursday, December 17

Broad and Informative

3 Ways to Help Your Skin Every Day -Web MD

10 Best Foods for Your Skin -Web MD

Facial Yoga -NBC San Diego

Microdermabrasion May Rejuvenate Aging Skin -Web MD

Ipilimumab Had Dose-Dependent Effect in Advanced Melanoma -Hem Onc Today

Time-Tested Tricks for Faking Fuller Hair -Web MD

Woman’s Skin Burning Off From Inside Out -FOX News

Why Women Wrinkle Around Mouth -Web MD

For Those Who Want Some More Info…

Dermatologists Reach Skin Cancer Screening Milestone -PR Newswire

Gene Maps to Transform Scientists’ Work on Cancer -Reuter’s

Genetic Gift from Mom, Genetic Burden From Dad -Reuters

Lung, Skin Cancer Genetic Codes Mapped -UPI

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