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Derm News Monday, February 21

Frostnip, Frostbite Can Take the Fun Out of Winter -U.S. News & World Report

Psoriasis Guidelines Call for Tailored Treatment -Web MD

Hey, Baldy: 10 Things You Need to Know about Hair LossCBS News

HealthWatch: Surgery-Less Skin Cancer Detection -CBS News New York

AAD: Study Finds Melanoma Underreported to Cancer Registries -Skin and Allergy News Digital Network

Dr. Sandra Lee helps women have more beautiful skin -PRLog.org


Derm News Friday, October 1

5 surprising skin mistakes that can age you -MSNBC

Dermatologists’ experiences with tattoo removal procedures are varied -Modern Medicine

Hypnosis can improve patients’ pain experience -Modern Medicine

Hair Loss in Women – Causes and Treatments -American Health and Beauty

Dermatologists Reconsider Propranolol for Hemangiomas -Skin and Allergy News

Derm News Monday, May 24

Broad and Informative

Simple Dietary Changes Can Make Your Skin Glow -Health News

Sunscreens, Sunlight and Skin Cancer -News Provider

Block UV Rays With A Skin Healthy Diet -NY1

Mercury Found in Skin Creams -Los Angeles Times

Skin Cancer Officially Considered an Epidemic in the United States -Health News Digest

The Unofficial Arrival of Summer Could Spell Trouble for your Skin! -Newswise

Dermatologic Use of Retinoid Drugs Not Linked to Increased Fracture Risk -Medscape

Take a Swing at Skin Cancer Prevention -Los Angeles

Skimping on Sunscreen Can Ruin Summer Fun -Health News Digest

Vitamins For Acne, Does Poor Diet Cause Bad Acne Breakouts? -Official Wire

African Americans at Risk for Hair Loss -PR Web

For Those Who Want ore Details…

Actinic Keratosis -Los Angeles Times

Two early-stage Glaxo drugs show melanoma promise -Reuters

Derm News Friday, April 16

Alternative Therapies for Rosacea Reviewed by Dermatologists -Trans World News

Breaking the Habit: How to Quit the Tanning Addiction -Post Pioneer

Gene Responsible for Hair Loss in Men Identified -Top News United States

Omega-6 Fatty Acids May Help Temper Dermatitis -Personal Liberty Digest

Carnegie Hall Concert to Benefit the Melanoma Research Foundation -PRLog.org

Temperature-sensing protein linked to skin cancer, hirsutism -EurekAlert

Derm News Thursday, March 18

Today is National Match Day–Good luck to all senior medical students!

Broad and Informative…

When Hair Loss Happens to Women: What Not To Do – WebMD

Study Finds ‘Epidemic’ of Skin Cancer – ABC News

Botox: Stepping in a New Direction – PR Newswire

“Teen Toxing”: Dangerous Trend Developing in UK Schools – PR Web

HealthWatch: Sugar And Wrinkles – CBS

For Those Who Want More Details…

All in a Day’s Work: Garrett Bayrd, MD, Dermatologist – Star Tribune

Treating melanoma in the elderly a significant economic burden – HemOnc Today

Skin Issues a Source of Anxiety During Radiation Cancer Treatments – eMaxHealth