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Derm News Monday, September 27

Doctors share 15 secrets for glowing skin -MSNBC

Pediatric Melanoma Research Continues -Skin and Allergy News

Compliance May Be Biggest Treatment Barrier in Atopy -Skin and Allergy News

Dermoscopy Underutilized by Dermatologists -Skin and Allergy News

Focus on the Psychosocial Impacts of Psoriasis in Women -Skin and Allergy News

Girl, 5, has rare condition where she sheds her skin every day -Daily Mail


Derm News Wednesday, June 30

UVA Radiation Damages DNA in Human Melanocyte Skin Cells, Causing Mutations -Health News Digest

Eczema Sufferers May Be at Greater Risk of Skin Cancer -eMaxHealth

Acne Drug Found Less Harmful if Used in Lower Dose Regimens -Top News United States

Melanoma diagnosis, treatment improved with new imaging technologies -Modern Medicine

Research needed to determine how often adverse events occur in dermatology -Modern Medicine

Derm News Thursday, April 22

Broad and Informative

People with vitiligo ‘may have skin cancer protection’ -BBC News

Skin Itching Is Most Common Among Children -Official Wire

Tanning could be addictive for some people, study says -New York Daily News

Online Dermatology Visits as Effective as In-Person Visits -Med Page Today

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Skin Condition Vitiligo Tied to Immune System Dysfunction -Business Week

Artificial human skin created -Daily News & Analysis

Melanoma: A model for testing new agents in combination therapies -7th Space Interactive

Bleach Baths for Eczema Reviewed by Leading Dermatologists -Trans World News

Derm News Tuesday, February 23

Broad and Informative

A Protein That Fuels Cancer, and a Drug to Fight It -New York Times

Health Tip: Avoid Triggers for Eczema -US News & World Report

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Melanoma Transcriptome Reveals Novel Genomic Alterations Not Seen Before -Science Daily

Derm News Monday, February 22

Broad and Informative

Daily Dose: Accutane Update -Woman’s Day (blog)

How to Help Your Child with Baby Eczema Skin Problems -I-Newswire

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NSAID Exposure Not Linked to Cutaneous Small-Cell Carcinoma Risk -Medscape

ThermaSkin Offers Free Natural Pepper Remedy To Acne Sufferers -PR Web