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Derm News Wednesday, September 29

Electronic health record rules pose problems for some dermatologists -Modern Medicine

Vitamin D and Kids: What Dermatologists Should Know -Skin and Allergy News

5-Year-Old Girl Constantly Sheds Skin Due to Rare Genetic Disorder -AOL Health


Derm News Wednesday, August 11

This Teenage Girl Uses Botox. No, She’s Not Alone -New York Times

Analysis Finds Sunscreens Containing Retinyl Palmitate Do Not Cause Skin Cancer -PR Newswire

6 Hot Topics in Dermatology -American Health and Beauty

OTC Treatments for Body Acne -About.com: Health

Stem Cell Treatment May Offer Hope Against Fatal Skin Disorder Business Week

Derm News Friday, May 14

Broad and Informative

For Boomers, Sunblocks Come Late -New York Times

Celebrities & Skin Cancer -Los Angeles Times

Your Skin Cancer Questions Answered -ABC News

5 Things You Should Know About Protecting Your Skin -American Health and Beauty

Avoid Common Skincare Mistakes -NY1

MRSA Infections Are Rising in Kids: ‘Superbug’ Author Shares Prevention Tips -US World & News Report (blog)

Katy Hayes lost her arms and legs to rare flesh-eating bacteria -ABC News

Sun Exposure While Driving Linked to Cancer -Web MD

For Those Who Want More Details…

Melanoma: Increasingly Common; Curable When Caught Early -EarthTimes

Partnership Brings Dermatology Diagnosis Counselor to Modern Medicine -PR.com

Derm News Thursday, April 22

Broad and Informative

People with vitiligo ‘may have skin cancer protection’ -BBC News

Skin Itching Is Most Common Among Children -Official Wire

Tanning could be addictive for some people, study says -New York Daily News

Online Dermatology Visits as Effective as In-Person Visits -Med Page Today

For Those Who Want More Details…

Skin Condition Vitiligo Tied to Immune System Dysfunction -Business Week

Artificial human skin created -Daily News & Analysis

Melanoma: A model for testing new agents in combination therapies -7th Space Interactive

Bleach Baths for Eczema Reviewed by Leading Dermatologists -Trans World News

Derm News Friday, April 16

Alternative Therapies for Rosacea Reviewed by Dermatologists -Trans World News

Breaking the Habit: How to Quit the Tanning Addiction -Post Pioneer

Gene Responsible for Hair Loss in Men Identified -Top News United States

Omega-6 Fatty Acids May Help Temper Dermatitis -Personal Liberty Digest

Carnegie Hall Concert to Benefit the Melanoma Research Foundation -PRLog.org

Temperature-sensing protein linked to skin cancer, hirsutism -EurekAlert