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Derm News Monday, February 7

Dermatologists Come Back, Give Back to New Orleans -Newswise

Pesky Rashes From Plants -Web MD

Dermatologists Warn That Plants Can Cause a Garden Variety of Pesky Skin Problems -PR Newswire

Athletes Prone to a Rash of Skin Conditions -PR Newswire

Red, White and Brown: Defining Characteristics of Common Birthmarks Will Determine Type and Timing of Treatment -PR Newswire

Data Show Incidence of Skin Cancer Rising at Alarming Rate -PR Newswire

Now an iPhone That Can Detect Skin Cancer -Top News United States

AAD: Search Continues for Optimal Melasma Treatment -Internal Medicine News Digital Network


Derm News Monday, August 2

The Claim: Salons’ UV Nail Lights Can Cause Skin Cancer -New York Times

Ehlers-Danlos: Dislocating Joints, Super-Stretchy Skin, Hyper-Flexibility -ABC News

Clothing best protection against harmful UV radiation -Earthtimes

10 Things Dermatologists Won’t Say -Wall Street Journal

Skin Cancer Prevention iPhone App SunSafety Launched for iPad by AppsolutelyiPhone -iNewsWire.com

Diagnosing Melanomas Using ABCD: Proper Timing and Speedy Treatment Crucial -News-Fire

Sunbeds double the risk of skin cancer for teenagers -Daily Mail

Editor changes industry-backed tanning pill study -Reuters India

Derm News Friday, April 30

Broad and Informative

Behavior: Addicted to Indoor Tanning -New York Times

Perfect Skin for Summer -Elle

Dermatologist Diane Baker, MD Uses Website to Educate Patients About Skin Care -Trans World News

The many types of skin cancer -Chicago Tribune

A Dermatologist’s Tips for Sun Protection -Southsider Magazine

For Those Who Want More Details…

Sonography for Locoregional Staging and Follow-up of Cutaneous Melanoma -Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine

Cancer Risk After Kidney Transplant Unaffected by Type of Drug Treatment -Business Week

Derm News Friday, April 9

Broad and Informative

Best Anti Aging Skin Care Product According to Oprah and Dr Oz -Los Angeles News Today

Go for cancer screening, dermatologist urges albinos -The Punch

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Melanoma (Skin Cancer) Vaccine OncoVEX in Phase III Clinical Trials -CNM News Network

Clinical Trial to Test Whether Vaccine Can Effectively Treat Melanoma -Healthcanal.com

Derm News Thursday, December 24

Broad and Informative

Daily Skin Care Tips: Ask the Dermatologist -Web MD

Face Looking Old? Don’t Blame Your Genes -ABC News

Give Your Skin a Holiday Glow -Web MD

Makeup Myths and Facts -Web MD

Plan to Use Cancer Detecting Dogs -NEWS.com.au

Smoke, Sun and Excess Weight Contribute to Skin Damage -Health News

Study Shows Women Develop More Wrinkles Around the Mouth Than Men -SkinInc.com

Tanning Salons Say Tax Would Trigger Job Cuts, Store Closings -Business Week

Tan Salon Owners See Red Over Sunbed Tax -Financial Times

Top Ten 2009 Skin Cancer Initiatives -Web Wire

What Are Cosmeceuticals? -Web MD

What Vitamins and Antioxidants Can Do For Your Skin -WebMD

For Those Who Want More Info…

Hispanics Need to Take Skin Cancer More Seriously, Says Tampa Dermatologist -PR Newswire

Melanoma Less Common in Blacks But Deadlier -Business Week