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Derm News Wednesday, February 9

Skin Cancer on the Rise -Web MD

Pollution May Aggravate Skin Damage From Sun -Web MD

Does Chocolate Make Acne Worse? -Web MD

Serial Screening Program Detects Nodular Melanomas -Internal Medicine News Digital Network

Low Sun Exposure, Vitamin D Levels May Be Tied to MS Risk -Business Week

Opps and Apps — Targeted Therapy for Melanoma -Med Page Today


Derm News Tuesday, November 10

Broad and Informative

Banish Dry Skin -Argus Leader

Dark Chocolate Protects Against UV Radiation -The Med Guru

Gemma Merna Reveals Her Damaged Skin From Using Sunbeds in Cancer Research Campaign -Mail Online

Sunshine Vitamin Stirs New Debate -Washington Times

Winterizing Your Skin -Today’s THV

For Those Who Want Some More Details…

Hundreds of Genes Distinguish Patients Likely to Survive Advanced Melanoma -Eurek Alert

Proton Bean Radiation Therapy for Uveal Melanoma Yields Good Results at a Dose of 56Gy -Doc Guide

Derm News Friday, November 6

Broad and Informative

el patojoChocolate, Wrinkles, and Skin Cancer -NHS Choices

Cheat Sheet for Smoother Skin -WebMD

A Boot Camp for Your Skin -Examiner

Ugh! I’ve Got Acne and I’m an Adult -WedMD

A Gadget to Tell You Your Skin Ain’t Great -Gizmodo

For Those Who Want Some More Information…

Gloucester Pharma Wins FDA Approval of Drug for Rare Skin Cancer -Xconomy

Toothpaste Ingredient Guards Against Skin Cancer -International News Network

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