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Derm News Wednesday, October 6

Laptops can cause skin discoloration on thighs -Modern Medicine

FDA OKs Solta device for treating actinic keratosis -Modern Medicine

Botox: Not just for wrinkles anymore -MSNBC


Derm News Wednesday, September 8

Health Tip: Recognizing a Skin Allergy -US News & World Report

The Hair of My Chin -New York Times

After Fine, Botox Awaits Approval for Migraine -New York Times

Rosacea: Unsightly skin disease with a pretty name -Earthtimes

Targeted Drug for Melanoma Shows Promise in Early Clinical Testing -NCI Cancer Bulletain

Focus on Health: Cancer immune therapies -FOX 21 Online

Derm News Monday, August 16

How Salmonella Helps Kill Cancer Cells -U.S. News & World Report

Despite Unknown Medical Risks, Teens Had Nearly 12000 Botox Injections Last Year -ABC News

Cancer Researchers: No Evidence that Sunscreen Additive Causes CancerRelease-news.com (press release)

Sunscreen Ingredient Not Carcinogenic, Say Dermatologists -Medscape

3D Image of Melanoma Created by New Technique -MedIndia

Small-molecule Inhibitor Uncovers Protein Role in Melanoma Cell Migration -PR Web

Derm News Wednesday, August 11

This Teenage Girl Uses Botox. No, She’s Not Alone -New York Times

Analysis Finds Sunscreens Containing Retinyl Palmitate Do Not Cause Skin Cancer -PR Newswire

6 Hot Topics in Dermatology -American Health and Beauty

OTC Treatments for Body Acne -About.com: Health

Stem Cell Treatment May Offer Hope Against Fatal Skin Disorder Business Week

Derm News Wednesday, July 21

Obesity as Young Adult May Boost Psoriatic Arthritis Risk -US News & World Report

Botox improves happiness, says new study: injections stop frowns and trick brain into feeling better -New York Daily News

Tanning Salons under Pressure -Top News United States

Comedonal Acne Common in Women who Smoke -About.com: Health

Ethnic Differences Seen in Melanoma in Florida -MedPage Today

What city is the dermatology capital of the United States? -Los Angeles Times