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Derm News Monday, October 4

Wrinkle Creams: Worth It or Not? -U.S. News & World Report

Laptop Risk: ‘Toasted Skin Syndrome’ -WebMD

Laptops can lead to more than just ‘toasted skin syndrome,’ says Tampa Dermatologist -PR News Channel

Top Picks For Makeup, Body, Hair and Skin -ABC News


Derm News Wednesday, December 23

Broad and Informative

Conquer Complexion Imperfections -Web MD

Health Care Bill Taxes Tanning Salons -Examiner

How To Treat Chapped Lips -Allure

Medical Report: Melanoma & Race -WDIO-TV

Senate Shifts Tax to Tanning Beds -New York Times

Sun, Smoke, Extra Weight Add Years to Skin -Business Week

Tanning Salons Could be Taxed 10% -NewsWest9

The ‘Pill’ Offers Benefits Beyond Birth Control -Business Week

For Those Who Want Some More Info…

Acupuncture May Ease the Itch of Eczema -Reuters

Heart Transplant Patients May be at a Greater Risk for Skin Cancer -BETTER Health Research

Novel Nanotechnology Heals Abscesses Caused by Resistant Staph Bacteria -Science Daily

Derm News Friday, November 13

Broad and Informative

Salmon terri tu

New Studies Reveal Oily Fish Helps Fight Skin Cancer -Earthtimes

The 5 Biggest Winter Sun Myths -Allure

Council gets fired up over tanning bed bill -Explore Baltimore County

Howard County Bans Youth Tanning -WBAL TV

A spot of trouble -The Sun

Your Winter Skin Checklist -Health News Digest

Avera Medical Minute: Melanoma -KSFY

Under-18s to Be Banned From Using Sunbeds to Cut Cancer Risk -Guardian

I Heard My Albino Daughter Being Hacked to Death For Her Legs -The Sun

For Those Who Want Some More Details…

American Academy of Dermatology Association Commends Howard County, Md. for Enacting the Most Restrictive Indoor Tanning Regulation in the Country -SYS-CONAdjuvant Radiotherapy Improves Local Control in High-risk Melanoma Patients -Cancer Consultants(Photo by terry tu via flickr.com)