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Derm News Wednesday, December 1

Celebrex Shows Potential in Preventing Some Skin Cancers: Study -U.S. News & World Report

How acne and depression feed each other -CNN

Acne medicine is ‘critically important,’ dermatologists say -Los Angeles Times

Derm Group Backs Isotretinoin -Med Page Today


Derm News Monday, November 15

Face facts about skin care: Can we really minimize wrinkles? -USA Today

Severe Acne Raises Suicide Risk, Study Finds -Web MD

Acne, Accutane and suicide risk -Washington Post

Acne May Be Bigger Suicide Risk Factor Than Isotretinoin -Skin and Allergy News

Favorable 3-Year Safety Update For Ustekinumab In Psoriasis -Skin and Allergy News

Bullous Pemphigoid Linked to Cerebrovascular Disease, Dementia -Skin and Allergy News

Cryolipolysis Can Recontour, but Choose Your Candidates Carefully -Skin and Allergy News

Derm News Monday, February 22

Broad and Informative

Daily Dose: Accutane Update -Woman’s Day (blog)

How to Help Your Child with Baby Eczema Skin Problems -I-Newswire

For Those Who Want More Details…

NSAID Exposure Not Linked to Cutaneous Small-Cell Carcinoma Risk -Medscape

ThermaSkin Offers Free Natural Pepper Remedy To Acne Sufferers -PR Web

Derm News Wednesday, January 13

Broad and Informative

Acne Meds Accutane & Claravis Took Her Colon, Woman Says -Courthouse News Service

New Therapeutic Canine Melanoma Vaccine Approved -DVM 360

New Procedure Available for Pregnant Women with Skin Disorder -Baby Chums

Winter Skin in Crisis Mode -Houston Cronicle

For Those Who Want More Info…

Contest Teaches Florida’s Children the Importance of Sun Protection -Earth Times

FDA Grants Permanent Hair Reduction Labeling for TRIA Laser Hair Removal System -PR Newswire

Melanoma Stem Cells’ Evasive Talents -PR Newswire

Leading Dermatologists discuss how Stelara™ (ustekinumab) Works for Psoriasis -Trans World News

Derm News Monday, November 16

Broad and Informative

Thanksgiving skinFinally, a new way to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers -Los Angeles Times

LED lights offer new hope for acne sufferers -Reuters

Quarter Of A Million Children In England At Risk Of Skin Cancer From Sunbeds -Science Daily

For health’s sake, change what beauty means -Web Devil

Charity demands child sunbed ban -BBC News

Howard county enacts toughest indoor tanning regulation in the country -Examiner

Age spots striking women in 20s and 30s -KING 5

Age Spots -DermTV with Dr. Neal Schultz

Clear Skin -Vanguard

Accutane claims require closer look -Winona Daily News

For Those Who Want Some More Info…

Skin Lesions Can Appear Following Heparin Treatment -American Journal for Hematology and Oncology

Curing Cancer 101: How do you cure stage IV malignant melanoma? -Examiner

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