Derm News Monday, March 15

Broad and Informative

New Bandage And Light Help Cure Skin Cancer -CBS 4

Psoriasis Increases Pregnancy Risks, Study Suggests -ABC News

Skin Cancer to be Treated by an Easier Painless Sticking Plaster Therapy -Top News United States

Skin Cancer Treatment Comes Home -CBS News

Studies show retinol really works to smooth skin -Newsday

For Those Who Want More Details…

AAD: Once-Daily Antifungal Clears Athlete’s Foot -Med Page Today

AAD: One Pill a Day Works Against Onychomycosis -Med Page Today

AAD: Restarting Anti-TNF Agent Works in Relapsed Psoriasis -Med Page Today

New skin cancer treatment may reduce hospital time -BBC News

Scientists Find Stem Cells in Hair That Can Become Skin -Business Week


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