Derm News Friday, October 16

Broad and Informative

Wrinkles-Pug-e3000Surprising Ways to Reduce Wrinkles -WebMD

Dancing With The Stars’ Secrets to Flawless Skin -FirstCoastNews

Five Luxurious Skin Care and Fragrance Must-Haves

New Product Competes with Botox -NewsChannel8

7 Deadly Skin Sins -My Fox Houston

Love the Sun? Here’s How to Avoid Age Spots

For Those Who Want More Details…

Skin Cells May Provide Early Warning for Cancer Risk Elsewhere in the Body -Eurek Alert (Press Release)

Rite Aid Chairman and CEO Honored with The Skin Cancer Foundations’ Annual Skin Sense Award -Reuters

Plexxikon Drug for Melanoma Continues to Show Great Promise -GLG News

CARR: Stopping Melanoma in its Tracks -Aurora Sentinel

San Diego’s Global Health Mission May Change How Skin Cancer is Treated

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